Construction Personnel

Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Geodetic Engineers, Mining Engineers, Carpenters, Mason & Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Welders (GTAW & SMAW), Duct Fabricators Structural Fabricators, Pipe Fitters, Riggers, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Light & Heavy Vehicle Drivers, Building Maintenance Crew...... and many more.


Mining Engineers, Drillers, Shotcreter, Diamond Drillers, Underground Miners, Underground Electrician, Geodetic Engineers, Heavy Equipment Operators...... and many more.

Hotel Services

Department Managers, Administrative & Technical Officers, Reservation Officers, Receptionists, Cashiers, Chefs,....... and many more.

Medical & Health Personnel

Registered Nurse, Radio Technologist, Dental Technician, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Optometrist,.......... and many more.

Other Professions

Teacher, Telecommunications Specialists, Auto & Diesel Mechanics, Car Painters, Computer System Analysts, Computer Programmers & Technicians, Sales Managers, Graphic Designers, Satellite Engineers, Microwave Technicians, Electronic Technicians, Drilling Personnel, Factory Workers .......and many more.

If the Skill is on DIAC approved list, JOBLANE can supply.